Verena aus Hamburg bietet Geflüchteten aus der Ukraine diese Hilfe an! :)

  • Hilfe bei Briefen oder Behörden

  • Freundschaftlich kennenlernen

  • Sonstiges

Details zur Hilfe:

A warm welcome, vaskabo prosimo, to Hamburg! My name Is Verena, I am a 52 years old freelance writer and journalist, wife & mother of two teenage kids and live in Ottensen/Altona near the Elbe river. As a writer, I am convinced: writers need other writers, and they need to write and talk, especially in times of sadness and fear! Also, the world needs to know your stories. So if you are a writer, poet, journalist, book person, please let me know if I can do anything for you: establish contacts with German newspapers, magazines, websites, welcome you to my book club for a Hamburg bookstore (unfortunately, it is in German), connect you to other local freelance writers, or just let me hear your stories, if you'd like to share! I can also help you in other ways, such as finding your way around Hamburg, help you with German correspondence or just invite you to join me for a walk along beautiful Elbe river and talk (English or German). If you need anything else, let me know!