Felix aus Hamburg bietet Geflüchteten aus der Ukraine diese Hilfe an! :)

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  • Gemeinsam Sport machen

  • Mentale Hilfe (Gespräche)

  • Freundschaftlich kennenlernen

  • Sonstiges

Details zur Hilfe:

Hello, my name is Felix. I am an artist and photographer and want to make life more colourful and cheerful. I want to offer everyone a funny and sunny photoshoot afternoon, with cake, tea and laughter in the neat suburb Aumühle. I own plenty of props and accesoirs to interact with, lots of theatre make up for face painting and a great sense of humour and empathie. So please feel free to contact me and we will create a wonderful day and make you and your friend and/or kid smile. A little distraction from all the sorrows. Of cause you can ask as many questions as you want. If you feel like going to swim, have a biketrip, a hike in the woods, a little boat trip I will guide you as well. It is a lovely area around here, with plenty of nature and beautiful spots to have a break and relax. And of cause I will supply everyone with some tasty home made food. Do not hesiate and feel free to contact me. CU - Felix

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Antispam-Frage: Welche Farbe hat der Himmel an einem schönen Tag?


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